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Explaining Process 

Requesting a Reservation for AAW Equipment?

 To request a reservation for an outdoor chair and trailer, go to the Reservation Request Form and fill out your request. 

Equipment calendars list CONFIRMED reservations for OWCs.

 There may be another request in the process of becoming a reservation. The required deposit for each outdoor wheelchair must be received by the AAW Office before a request will become a reservation. Note: AAW handles all funds for AAW equipment. AAW partners will handle equipment funding for AAW.

 For a specific AAW Network Location, please see the particular page listing contacts and status. Check to see if the dates on which you would like to reserve one or more AAW OWCs are open. Most reservation requests will be honored.*** 

NOTE: most locations need a 5-7 day advanced notice.  If you need a more immediate reservation, please call the location first. 
Any reservation requests needed sooner than 7 days prior to checkout will require a $10 non-refundable fee.

The following required step is recommended to be completed before Check-In

Return all online Client Surveys within 3 days of AAW equipment check-in.

NOTE: Organizations, schools, and community groups are required to submit the following:

*** Access Ability Wisconsin reserves the right to refuse and/or cancel reservations without explanation. ***

Required for Confirmation of the Reservation Request

For all off-site use:

Email your completed paperwork to the host location's email address or to admin@AccessAbilityWI.org. You may upload a copy of your paperwork while completing your reservation request.

Prior to the Checkout Date

Please review the following:

IMPORTANT: IF you do NOT follow the Reservation Request Process, your reservation will NOT be confirmed. If your tentative reservation is not confirmed at least 10 days prior, your reservation will be canceled and you will be bumped. 


Any reservation requests needed sooner than 7 days prior to checkout will require a $10 non-refundable fee. 

AAW Policy - Quick Reference.pdf

Owner's Manual


Use Agreement & Waiver of Liability

FINAL - AAW Use Agreement and Waiver of Liability

At Check-in Time:

The deposit may be returned upon completion of the survey, with no issues on the condition report and receiving pictures/video. The person paying the deposit may donate the reservation deposit for the maintenance of the chair.

 An additional $50 late fee per chair may be charged. In the event you cancel or change your reservation, $5 may be kept for processing your reservation. 

Condition Report (Equip. Ck out/In)

AAW-OWC Condition Report (Equipment Ck Out-In Form) - Google Docs.pdf