Access Ability WI 

- Community Partner Example - 

The URL - YOUR website with a page Titled:  “Access Ability Wisconsin”

This example: 


Access Ability Wisconsin (AAW) and YOUR organization are working together on “Outdoors Access 4 All!” ™

As a Community Partner, we are helping to make available an AAW all-terrain outdoor wheelchair (OWC) and enclosed trailer for off-site use and on-site use for YOUR events and activities. 

Individuals: **Reserve an AAW OWC  and an enclosed trailer to create your outdoor adventure OR join us at YOUR Organization!  Make your reservation today.

**  Any reservation requests needed sooner than 7 days prior to checkout will require a non-refundable expedite fee. Deposits only from individuals may be donated or refunded after completing the online survey within 3 days of returning the equipment in the same or better condition. 

Organizations: *** Want to make your community events accessible?
Contact AAW about your event or program requirements for more opportunities to reserve AAW resources for your event.  Email or submit an inquiry on AAW’s website:  
(Under “Inquiry Topic” - Check “Events” )

*** A minimum deposit is required in addition to a fee per chair.  Deposit returns require completed surveys, pictures/video, promotion of AAWs mission and motto, and equipment returned in the same or better condition. Please see AAW’s Policy for further details including organizational use. 

- Community Partner Example - 

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