Madison Metro Area Equipment Calendars

Outdoor Wheelchairs (OWC), Single and Event Trailers, and other adaptive equipment calendars are listed by location. If there is a reservation on a date, then that piece(s) of equipment has been checked out. Please contact us or the listed host contact for the location, if you have questions.

See the Reservation page, for more information about the reservation process.

Madison Metropolitan Area

To reserve AAW OWCs in the Madison Metro Area including the Oregon, Sun Prairie, and McFarland area, choose from either storage locations or hosts. Below are a few options. First check the equipment calendars, to see if there are any CONFIRMED reservations for OWCs and trailers.


Equipment Storage Locations

  1. Oregon, WI at A-Z Farms

  • 1820 Schuster Road, Oregon

  • Event OWCs- #E2 [red/white] , a narrow chair #E3 [red/white] that can fit through 36” doors and go into a building, & others.

  • Event Trailer E1 (6x12)

  • During AAW's busy season, other chairs with (8x5) trailers are available as needed.

  1. Oregon, WI at Oregon Sportsman's Club

  • 1726 Sand Hill Road, PO Box 152, Oregon, WI 53575

  • Event Trailer E2 (6x14) & OWC#E5 [standing}

  • During AAW's busy season, other chairs with (8x5) trailers are available as needed.

  • 7229 N. Greenway Road Sun Prairie, WI 53590

  • OWC #J1 -(24" wide)

  • During AAW's busy season, other chairs with (8x5) trailers are available as needed.

Host Locations -

Middleton, WI at Orchid Heights Park - OWC#E4 [Pink]

Sun Prairie, WI at Mobility Works - OWC #3, Trailer #3

Options/accessories available for checkout -

  1. Joystick position on the Left when required

  2. Attendant Control is available for checkout upon request.

  3. Chest harness is available for checkout upon request. (Adult or Child)

  4. Seatbelt extender

  5. Headrest

  6. Truck Ramp - - can be used after training


A-Z Farms, llc

Oregon Sportsman's Club

North Bristol Sportsman's Club

McFarland, WI at Fish Camp,

3359 County Rd, McFarland, WI 53558 (Stores LHC trailer/chair during the off-season when not in use.)
Madison SCI adaptive kayaks are available at Fish Camp and Middleton Park. Email us for more information:

Chairs @ OSC / A-Z in Oregon

OWC# E2-Badger Red & White - Left

OWC # E3- Narrow - NO Tilt - Right - Headrest

OWC #J1 Green (24" wide)

OWC# E5-Blue and black - Stander - Can only be used with a different liability form and consent of AAW Board as must demonstrate ability to stand or doctor's ok.

Trailers - @ OSC / A-Z in Oregon

Event Trailer #E1 - Holds up to 3 chairs

Event Trailer #E2 - Holds up to 3 chairs - used by AAW staff for events - Craig H. Neilsen Grant

OWC #12 Purple Splash on Black - Right - donation by Anonymous

OWC #14

Trailer #12 - Single Aluminium - John Muir saying Pines saying donation by Anonymous

Trailer #14 - Single Aluminum

Iowa County - Main Office*

Main Office OWCs (Inventory to be assigned)

OWC #15 - Black and Camo

OWC #16 - coming soon

*The Main office is in IOWA County as of 2021

Main Office Trailers (Inventory to be assigned)

Trailer #E3-Event Trailer (6x14 Aluminium)

Trailer #15 - Single Aluminum