Equipment Calendar by Locations

Outdoor Wheelchairs (OWC), Single and Event Trailers, and other adaptive equipment calendars are listed by location. If there is a reservation on a date, then that piece(s) of equipment has been checked out. Please contact us or the listed host contact for the location, if you have questions.

Click to see AAW Equipment Calendars in order by Name.

See the Reservation page, for more information about the reservation process.

Madison Metropolitan Area

To reserve AAW OWCs in the Madison Metro Area including the Oregon area, choose from a few options. First check the equipment calendars, to see if there are any CONFIRMED reservations for OWCs with trailers.

A-Z Farms (See below)

    • Event OWCs- #E2 (Left-handed), a narrow chair #E3 that can fit through 36” doors and go into a building, & #8.
    • Event Trailer E1 (6x12), Trailer #10 & Carrier

Oregon Sportsmen's Club

    • Trailer# 3, #11, Event Trailer E2
    • OWCs - #3 & #9 (24 inch wide)

Madison Metro Area ... OWC-E6 , OWC#10, Trailer #11, and new truck ramp (location soon to come!)

Pick up locations (Confirmation of times and place are dependent on volunteer schedules and location of reserved equipment needed at checkout.)

  1. Oregon, WI at A-Z Farms, 1820 Schuster Road
  2. Oregon, WI at Oregon Sportsmen's Club
  3. McFarland, WI

Equipment at

A-Z Farms, llc

OWC# E2-Badger Red & White - Left

OWC # E3- Narrow - NO Tilt - Right - Headrest

OWC #8 Black - Right

Trailer #10 - Single Aluminium

Event Trailer #E1 - Holds up to 3 chairs

Carrier - Requires extra training with reservation. Person must be able to lift at least 50lbs.