Make your reservation

Before making a reservation request:

For organizations including non-profits, schools, businesses, and community groups:

- The Reservation Process for you is DIFFERENT from the Individual Reservation Process

Do not submit a reservation deposit until you and someone from AAW Home Office have discussed the organization's outdoor adventure, event, or activity. 

Reservation Requests-

The following steps are needed for your reservation request to be completed.

1) Submit your reservation deposit** (Credit, Debit, or PayPal) and record the deposit confirmation #. 

Note: Effective July 1, 2023

All processing fees will be deducted from the reservation deposit prior to returning it if the deposit does NOT include the processing fee when submitting the deposit for the reservation. 

FOR INDIVIDUALS ONLY: Any reservation requests require a $50 deposit with a $2.75 non-refundable processing fee per chair. 

2) Fill out the "AAW Reservation Request Form" and include the deposit confirmation # (from step 1) prior to submitting the reservation request form.
The following required step is recommended to be completed before Check-In

3) Return all online Client Surveys within 3 days of AAW equipment check-in.

NOTE: Organizations, schools, and community groups are required to submit the following:

1) Reservation Deposit (for Individuals)

On the menu, under "Reserve", click the down arrow by "Deposit Options", and select the preferred option.

2) AAW Reservation Request Form

AAW Policy - Quick Reference