Middleton Public Lands, Recreation and Forestry

  • At Orchid Heights in Middleton Public Lands, Recreation and Forestry

Equipment at Orchid Heights Park

in Middleton, WI

See the Middleton Parks AAW Outdoor Wheelchair Calendar below for existing reservations.

Phone: (608) 821-8360

OWC #E4 - Pink chair - right-handed joystick

There is no trailer at this location. Please pick another location should you need a trailer.


Middleton Parks Department Hotline & Updates

If you are wondering if your program is cancelled, if a trail is closed for maintenance, etc. We now have a hotline! Please call 608-821-8357 for the most up-to-date information. This line does not take messages and is only updated when there has been an update from the department.

Wisconsin State Journal Story written about seniors using AAW's outdoor wheelchairs at Pheasant Branch Conservancy